“Here’s Our Battle-Tested Sales Call PowerPack That Has Generated Over $10 Million In Sales Almost Effortlessly!

Let’s face it, most of us suck at sales and it would be irresponsible if I didn’t share this with you…

Getting meetings booked with prospective clients is only one part of the equation – closing them into paying clients is another. 

I’ve seen many promising agency owners, who have excellent technical skills, lose the sale because of their lack of sales training. 

Selling does not need to be scary and should be seen as serving… so here’s a Sales Call PowerPack that I’ve put together to help you sign $5k deals as smoothly as possible.

🔨Tool #1 – Intro Call Training Video & Questions Script (Value $27)

The first call you have with a prospect is usually a 15 minute conversation, where you get to know them, and more importantly qualify them on whether they will be a good fit for your service. 

The training video and questions script will cover how you should conduct that call to establish credibility by asking the right questions.

You then progress the qualified leads [those with purchasing power] to a demo call, which is where Tool #2 comes in…

🔨Tool #2 – Demo Call Training Video & Fill-In-The-Blank PowerPoint Template (Value $27)

The demo call is where you demonstrate your marketing solution with an exciting presentation, handle the prospect’s questions and objections, and get them to agree to become a client. 
The training video will give you the proven structure on how to mesmerise prospects to become clients. 
The fill in the blank template will fast-track the process of creating your own presentation. 
But I’m guessing that you will still want to know what an EXCELLENT presentation looks like? Enter Tool #3!

🔨Tool #3 – Two Demo Decks of A $3M/Year Agency and $100k/Year Agency (Value $34)

I want to leave no stone unturned and make sure that you become a confident sales machine in the least amount of time possible. 
That is why I’m giving you access to the exact PowerPoint presentation an agency in the health space is using to generate $3 million per year [49 short slides]. 
Now, some people get scared of big numbers and that is why I will also give you the demo deck of a $100k/year agency that works in the home services space [17 short slides].
Use them as inspiration to fill in your own deck [Tool #2].
What comes after a presentation? Objections, so here’s Tool #4…

🔨Tool #4 – Objections Busting Cheatsheet (Value $17)

Many people give up trying to persuade a prospect when they hear an objection. NEWSFLASH – objections tend to typically be unanswered questions.
This cheatsheet will guide you on the most common objections you’re likely to hear, so that you can bat them away smoothly.
After you burst the bubbles of doubts in their head, the prospect will have no logical choice but to sign up for your service.
Never done a demo call before and not sure how it should be run? I’ve got you covered with Tool #5!

🔨Tool #5 [MY FAVOURITE] – Live Sales Call of A 17-Year Old Closing A $4500 Deal (Value $97)

This is my favourite tool because it’s going to show you how ANYBODY can close sales by following our proven structure.
It is an hour long recording of an actual zoom call, where one of my students signs and gets paid for a $4500 deal. 
You will discover how he is able to take control of the call from the first ten seconds, confidently demo his marketing system, effortlessly handle objections around his age, lack of experience, the price of the service, whether the system will work for the prospect, the classic ‘I need to speak to my wife’ and ‘I need to think about it till tomorrow’ objections, and get paid on the call.
There is so much you will learn by simply watching this video!

As you can see I’ve covered all bases…

Now that’s a total of $202 in value that you will get from the Sales Call PowerPack. And it is going to be part of a $297 training that I am launching later this month.
However, as a buyer of The S.E.A.L. Formula, I want to reward you with an exclusive 75% discount.
You can grab the Sales Call PowerPack for only $47 today!

This truly is a one-time offer and if sales calls are a struggle/concern, I can promise you that you will REGRET not grabbing this package for such a low investment.

Are you in? 

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