Are you ready to supercharge your sales? Follow our proven structure for conducting intro and demo calls and you simply cannot lose. So let’s dive right in!

Note: Make sure to make a copy of the files hosted on Google, so that you can edit them in your own account.

Tool #1. Intro Call

Download the PowerPoint Template

Tool #3. Two Demo Decks For Inspiration

Download the $3m/year agency demo deck

Download the $100k/year agency demo deck

Bonus Strategy Session Training…

Did you know that you don’t need to do a demo call to sign clients? You could offer a free Strategy Session to plan out how you would help the prospect grow their business and then close them on a high-ticket retainer:

Tool #4. Objection Busting Cheatsheet

Download the cheatsheet here

Tool #5. $4500 Close Live Sales Call

A word of caution – this may seem like a high pressure sales call to some. However, often with one-man band businesses, you need to navigate through their limiting beliefs to help them see how your solution would help them. An established business owner with a team or a corporate prospect would not require as much persuasion, as they would sign deals with simply numerical persuasion i.e. projected Return On Investment.

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